New Battletech Game Entering Kickstarter this Fall

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New Battletech Game Entering Kickstarter this Fall

Post by Firecrafter on Thu Aug 06, 2015 4:04 pm

So, it was recently announced via Russ's Twitter feed that Harebrained Schemes is creating a new Battletech turn-based strategy game.
What I know so far is that PGI has licensed out the art from MWO to Harebrained Schemes and based on the picture below, you can pledge for it from either $10 or $50 (image is from GenCon, prices may change when it hits Kickstarter).
This game sounds like it will be similar to the Battletech board game and the old MechCommander games.  Feel free to post any info you find here.  I for one do plan to back this game as soon as it becomes available.  The game's website is

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