[Armored Warfare] Next Stages of Testing Anounced

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[Armored Warfare] Next Stages of Testing Anounced

Post by Firecrafter on Thu Aug 06, 2015 5:21 pm

At ease gents,

AW has announced their newest set of upcoming tests, EA4 and the NA/EU PTS server (all info can be found here.  To paraphrase the article a bit, here is the relevant info for both tests.

Early Access Test 4 (EA4)

  • Starts 13 August
  • Runs 24/7
  • Those who have EA will have access

NA/EU PTS Server

  • Starts 7 August
  • Restricted to those with Founder's Pack or who got codes prior to end of EA3
  • Expected to be very unstable
  • Limited testing time frame

I look forward to playing with you all on the EA4 and PTS servers!

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