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Post by wmpenguin on Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:59 pm

Recently i have gotten back into BF4, whilst playing this i asked Zodiac and Thunder if they wished to join both happily agreed (Thunder very happily), so i decided id make a post about a UK based server i play on.

The servers are owned by a clan called "The Members", the server is a very friendly place, very active admins and overall a great experience, although the server is UK based Thunder didnt seem to have much of an issue playing on it so it should be fine for those that are out of the EU.
The server does have reserved slot which does mean that you can be randomly kicked, although after playing for 25+ Hours a week you get a free reserved slot which will allow you into the server instantly and you wont be kicked for other reserved slots.

The server links are as follows: <---- No DLC Required <----- All DLC Required

I hope to see you all on there soon Very Happy
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