New Event and Vehicles in Armored Warfare.

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New Event and Vehicles in Armored Warfare.

Post by skyray on Fri Nov 27, 2015 7:51 pm

My Fellow Phantoms:
        The people at have created a special series of events for the holiday.  With the introduction of some new T9 vehicles, they have decided to make special versions of some of the older vehicles available in new, MERC versions.  You can buy individual vehicles, buy special MERC packs or, enter a lottery to win some of these bundles.  There are also additional awards for playing this weekend in terms of XP and credits earned. The link to the event is here  These MERC vehicles have a bitchin urban digital camo scheme that features a symbol that many of us might appreciate....a red skull  affraid  You should at least take a look between now and December 6th.

        And here's the link to the lottery:

Now we also have a new gameplay mode with the newly added "Custom" tab right under the PvP Battle launch button. You know what that means Phantoms?  We can train for team coordination, individual map tactics, etc. I feel this is a great addition to the game that a newly formed POTA division could take serious advantage of now and in the future.  Just wanted any interested spirits amongst us to get a heads up on this.  Hope to cya on the battlefield! Wink

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