How To Start A New Division/Lead A New Division

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How To Start A New Division/Lead A New Division Empty How To Start A New Division/Lead A New Division

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 03, 2015 7:14 pm

Hey guys,

In order to clear up the specifics of what the mod team needs to see in order to be able to get a new division off the ground, I figured it wold be useful to put together a small guide/notes on what you should be prepared to do.

First, our requirements for a division:

  • Must be a game that either has a group structure or has a competitive scene with a similar structure
  • You must have 5 active members (not trainees) who are interested in playing the game (which also means they own the game)
  • One member must be over the age of 18 and have bee a member for at least three months to take division lead.

Now, you may be wondering why their 18+ rule for a leader, the reason stems from the actual responsibilities the leader has, which include but aren't limited to:

  • Working with the mod team to ensure that all resources we can provide are given out.
  • Having the currency to create the division (like gold in Armored Warfare).
  • Have the capacity to lead and organize the roster of players in the division (including ensuring proper community activity standards are met).
  • Be able to organize events and/or times to play on a regular basis.
  • Be able to create ways to keep current members interested and recruit new members.
  • Moderate conflicts within the division (including on the forums).

If you have met these requirements and have someone who is willing to do the above, go ahead and post a new suggestion using the guidelines.

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