Guide to crew training.

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Guide to crew training.

Post by Hardin4188 on Mon Dec 07, 2015 4:33 pm

Like Mechwarrior Online one of the most important first steps for competitive play is to have your tank at maximum potential. Crew training and qualifications are very important. For example the stats you see on the tank such as gun accuracy isn't what you will get unless your crew is 100%. And above 100% does give bonuses so always get improved crew ventilation. Never fire crew, always retrain them to your new tank. If your barracks is getting full then make sure you add more bunks. Crew members have stats independent of their tanks so you can track their progress. It's a minor thing, but I like seeing the stats that they accumulate.

Once your crew member is at 100% you can train them in a qualification. Once they get 100% in that they can train in a second qualification and I believe a third after that. Some are useful on all tanks such as firefighting, but others really depend on the type of tank and your play style. Beware some qualifications only take affect when they reach 100%. These are called perks. Skills will give a bonus at any percentage.

It takes a long time to achieve a 100% crew member with two qualifications(300% crew member as they say) so do not dismiss your crew members!


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