Stand-To Tournaments for the Week of 14 Dec (Tier IV)

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Stand-To Tournaments for the Week of 14 Dec (Tier IV)

Post by Firecrafter on Sun Dec 13, 2015 11:10 pm

Hey Gents,

Here is the info for the daily 3v3 tourneys for the coming week. These tourneys are for tier IV only, do not require any approval to create a team and compete in, and start at 16:30 PT (19:30 ET).  These are not considered hardcore tourneys and they award credits and XP without repair costs.  I will be available for any tourney after Tuesday if anyone is interested:
DateMapReg OpensReg Closes (0900 PDT)
Monday, Dec. 14Winterberg EncounterDec. 12Dec. 14
Tuesday, Dec. 15Sand River EncounterDec. 13Dec. 15
Wednesday, Dec. 16Ensk EncounterDec. 14Dec. 16
Thursday, Dec. 17Himmelsdorf EncounterDec. 15Dec. 17
Friday, Dec. 18Prokhorovka EncounterDec. 16Dec. 18
Saturday, Dec. 19El Halluf EncounterDec. 17Dec. 19
Sunday, Dec. 20Redshire EncounterDec. 18Dec. 20
Full info and registration link can be found here!



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