In-Game Recruiting Message

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In-Game Recruiting Message

Post by Firecrafter on Sun Dec 20, 2015 3:28 pm

Hey gents,

For those of you who want to help us out by recruiting in-game below I have attache the official rue regarding recruiting and a basic message for use in-game:
Official Recruitment Rule
2.17. All types of advertising messages are prohibited in general and battle chats. With the exception that game-related advertising such as platoon forming, company recruiting, clan recruiting is permitted with the following restrictions. It may contain no more than three (3) lines on a standard chat window, and be posted no more than once every 15 minutes within the garage chats or once per game in battle.

Basic Recruitment Message (feel free to make your own!)
The Phantoms [POA] are looking for new members of all skill levels! Platooning | Strongholds | Discord |.  PM me for more info!



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