Update 0.12 is going active!

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Update 0.12 is going active!

Post by skyray on Tue Dec 22, 2015 4:39 pm

Good news for modern armor enthusiasts.....the new update, 0.12 is coming online. Servers will be down for at least part of the day on 12/22 but thereafter, treats await us. Firstly, MY.com and Obsidian are proving to be very responsive to their player community. Many player corrections and adjustments are being implemented. Most notably to the Tank destroyer class and camouflage system. Next...a new, FREE tank!  The T-54 series in fact. In addition to that, a new "battle hardened" rating will become purchasable (with gold) and will serve to upgrade your standard armor units to a "Premium Light" status which offers boosted earnings and XP to those units you purchase it for. There will be 3 new PvE missions available to help gain the upgrades you want and there are some new decals going into the inventory. Also, an entire new line of premium vehicles called ICE editions will be available for purchase, individually or as a package, and they are well priced for what you get IMHO. They feature a new Camouflage pattern and Bear decal that looks pretty damn good. The pack also comes with XP and cash earnings boosts that will help fill the war chest of any decent Merc lol. I am planning to be be signing on sometime on Tuesday after I get home from my work assignment and I'm sincerely hoping to meet some of you there. Cya on the battlefield. Wink

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