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Post by Admin on Sat Feb 06, 2016 4:20 am

Hey guys,

Anytime you plan on playing any of our supported games for any period of time, please feel free to post in these recruiting post telling people that you are on if they want to play.  It always looks good when more than just the division staff is bumping these post.  Please ensure the post are only bump either once a day or if they drop off the first page

Armored Warfare:!




War Thunder:

World of Tanks:

World of Warplanes:

World of Warships:

Alternatively, if you would like to quickly bring in recruits, you can begin recruiting in-game.  We recommend the following while attempting to recruit this way:

  • Know your game's rules for in-game recruiting (games like MWO restrict recruiting to once per battle).
  • Have the users message you after the battle for more info.
  • Explain who we are and the basics of the division you are recruiting for.
  • Ensure the player has a working microphone.
  • If the user is interested in joining, have them jump onto the Discord server if a officer or recruiter is online, otherwise send them to the forum to post in trainee sign-up.

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Post by skyray on Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:42 pm

Lemme guess...this isn't retroactive is it? LOL Laughing

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