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Bring Your Friends Online! Empty Bring Your Friends Online!

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:48 pm

Hey Gents,

Mod staff has been hard at work with making the community more accessible to everyone!  We have finally managed to create a system for your friends who may not be interested in joining but want to hang out and play with us.  Please keep in mind there are restrictions in place so that our members do have privileges that your friends won't unless they join.

  • Friends simply need to contact a mod or use the bot to self-assign themselves to the "Friends" role
  • Friends may use all the standard voice channels on the Discord server.
  • They may talk in the #general_discussion text channel and view most other text channels.
  • They may join the forums and have access to the standard set of forums and sub-forums.
  • They may be allowed to participate in some community events.
  • Friends are authorized to join the Steam group.
  • They are still subject to the Code of Conduct as it applies to usage of Discord.


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