Distance (Early Access)

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Distance (Early Access)

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 18, 2015 1:30 pm

What is this game "Distance" you may ask.
Well if I put I short, then Distance is a survival racing game.
Now a bit more detailed,

A kickstarter campaign was started. And after almost 5000 backers raised more than 160 000. Further development was started. Distance was greenlit and released for early access some weeks ago. It is a spiritual successor to a game named "Nitronic Rush" Which came out in 2011. Many people loved that game, and for that and other reasons, Distance was made, or  is being made really. 

The game is action packed as you can go hella fast and there's always something to crash into. (like always). If you are going to describe the physics in this game, all I can say is arcade. But its not like need for speed where as if you hit something in this game at a high enough speed, (which you reach incredibly fast) you either blow the hell up. Or you have driven into a laser, which cuts you up. You can still drive though. No problem. Everything above wheels cut off? No problem just keep on driving. The car behaves very arcadily but they still feel heavy and good and stuff. ah.   There are checkpoints which act like repair stations, which regenerates your vehicle instantly. And you can also fly. And not only that, there's even more swag in this game. Ever wanted to do a back flip 360 front flip sideways 520 back flip 180 420 blaze it? Go ahead, you can do. Whit the thrusters on all sides of the vehicle so that you can go every way you want. And you can jump. Like a legit jump. 

Did i mention you can drive on walls, and roofs, every possible angle you may dream of.

The game itself looks beautiful. There is no hud in the game or GUI or whatever you may call it.  All information is displayed extremely neatly on the rear window. Although floating will float to tutorialize your brain on your first runs.
There is also portals. (no special use)
The game runs really well as well. I haven't experienced any game crashes (a lot of normal crashes) And you can run it smoothly. Possibly on a potato.
As I can't really do the game justice writing. I leave you with a trailer and a couple of links. I highly recommend you try the game out

Link to steam page:http://store.steampowered.com/app/233610/
Link to game page: http://survivethedistance.com/
Link to kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1857884659/distance-a-next-generation-arcade-racer
I may have fogotten somethings, some typos somewhere. but I no care, I love it, I love it
I make the game no justice what so ever in this post. 
But hey, I told you can drive on walls and do mad stunts


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