Town Hall Notes (8 April)

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Town Hall Notes (8 April) Empty Town Hall Notes (8 April)

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:42 pm


We had our first town hall on 8 April.  The idea behind this was to quickly facilitate discussion on some issues that often get overlooked on the forums.  We may continue to have these meeting monthly or bi-weekly as needed in the future.  The purpose of this meeting was primarily to discuss the future of this forum and some new ideas we are considering moving on.  Below are the notes taken during the meeting:


  • Lack of activity/topics discussed.
  • Alternatives brought up included: elimination, lowering standards and retaining, replacing, or retaining.
  • Ability to email users brought up as primary advantage of forums
  • Discord text channels brought up as primary reason for lack of posts
  • Members were polled on their feeling on the forums
  • All present voted to retain forums for email reasons and to still require member accounts

Twitch Channel:

  • Announced that the Phantoms Twitch channel will likely see usage in the near future
  • All present were encouraged to test computers/networks to see if they could stream if interested
  • Interest form to be released in the near future

Other Business:

  • Members were asked to bring up non-personnel related issues/ideas
  • None brought up 

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