New Activity and Trainee Protocols

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New Activity and Trainee Protocols Empty New Activity and Trainee Protocols

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:10 pm

Hey all,

We have been making some changes to our trainee and activity requirements in the community in order to ensure that our members are all held to a reasonable standard.

The New Trainee Period
We have found that after evaluating the retention of our trainees that many were simply going off the grid once they finished the trainee period.  The old period was set for two weeks with a requirement of activity once a week excluding the trainee's first day.  This standard was not hard to meet and many passed without much issue.  However, many would simply drop off and eventually be removed for inactivity after only being seen twice overall.  The new period now lasts for three weeks and has a twice a week activity requirement.  This will hopefully ensure that once they have finished the trainee period, they will stick around and be more active.

Member Activity Requirement
One issue mod staff has been having is keeping track of how long it has taken for a member to go inactive and be removed.  The once a month period was impossible to properly enforce due to a lack of tools in Discord.  We have since determined to go with a status check mentality over a timer based one.  Here is how the new system will work:

  • A date will be randomly generated and set for that month's status check and will be noted in the officers chat
  • When that date approaches, members will be given five days to either be active in a voice server or to message a member of their division staff of wishing to remain active
  • Once the status check expires, all member who have not replied will lose their member status and be instructed to contact a moderator in their division within 48 hours to regain permissions and be informed of how to regain membership
  • The only members that are immune to the check are those that note absence by either posting in the absence reporting thread or by contacting a moderator (this can only be done if a user will be gone for a period of over 5 days)

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