A Bunch Of Bang

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A Bunch Of Bang

Post by skyray on Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:18 pm

Fellow Phantoms:
                                There is a 4th of July special occurring in WoWS.  Specials and discounts in the premium shop as always but, more importantly, a new type of battle format
                                that some of you may have heard of called "Operations".  These are scenarios where in a division of players (that would be us hopefully) works cooperatively to
                                accomplish a series of mission objectives against an AI force. These missions are usually difficult and require a good deal of coordination and teamwork. There
                                are 5 levels (stars) of victory and, if the team achieves 4 stars, you will receive a free 10 point captain as part of the rewards system. Unlike AW, this PVE style
                                of match is NOT dominating the game and depleting the available pool of PvP'ers. What it is doing is providing for an excellent opportunity for training, refamiliarization
                                and creating a dedicated group of division members for those of us whom enjoy WoWS.  Here's an example of this weeks 'Operation' from a well known YT poster:


                                I'll be doing some of this over the weekend (Clients allowing for such) and I hope some of you might decide to check it out.  I think this will be a great way to start
                               pulling together a team of Phantoms for the upcoming Season 7 ranked battles.  Oh, I almost forgot. A new kind of aircraft carrier is also now available for purchase.
                               It doesn't work quite like the rest of the CV's either.  She's called 'Enterprise'. Hope to see you on the sea lanes where we can boldly go together.  pirat

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