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Phantoms of the Aces Game Server

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:53 pm

Hey all,

One thing I have wanted for this community is a location where we can all get on and play together without having to wait on slots to free up on servers.  I now have the capacity to run a server out of my own pocket for the community.  However, due to fun things like bills, I can only afford to run a smaller-sized server.  This server will give the community the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed place to play a certain game
  • Reserved slots for members
  • Passive recruiting
  • Knowing the admins/mods for reporting issues
  • Growing the community to other types of players

The following are a list of games we are considering (again, since I am fronting the money, I get to pick the games to consider):

  • Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Skirmish
  • Day of Infamy
  • Battlefield 4 (24 Player TDM/DOM)

Please use the attached poll and this thread to voice your opinion for the server.  I will not accepted Discord input on this matter as far as game choice (remember that forum post I made on permanency?).  The goal will be to have the server active sometime next month, so members will have time to both express their input and purchase the game if they choose to.


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