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How to Help the Phantoms Grow Empty How to Help the Phantoms Grow

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:11 pm

Hey all,

This has been something I have been meaning to write up for a while and I hope you will take the time to read it fully.

How communities grow
Many of the members of the Phantoms have been parts of different communities or may still have ties to existing ones that keep in line with our rules. Growing a community is not something that is easy in the slightest.  It takes time to find players, recruit them, and retain them.  We primarily go these thing by recruiting on other forums and by running events so people can make time to play together.  Once a community gets large enough (or has a highly specialized niche) recruiting changes primarily from the community looking for players to the players trying to join the community.  We have not created any requirement that our members have to assist in recruiting and do not have any plans to do so at this time.  However, we do need those who want to help grow our community.

One of the most impactful things any member can do is actually help bring in members to our community.  This can be done by simply assisting with keeping our forums posts bumped and notifying division officers if you see a place for us to add our recruiting post.  In order to ensure that you don't break any rules by bumping a recruiting posts, either read that particular forum's rules or ask a division officer.

You can also help by recruiting players in-game.  All you have to do is find players who meet a few criteria and who you think may be a fit for the community and ask them if they are looking for a group.  Please keep in mind the following rules that may prevent a user from joining:

  • Player has is over 16 y/o
  • Player has attitude problems (I don't care if they top the team, toxic behavior is not something we want)
  • In another clan that violates our multi-clan rule

Another task one can undertake to help our community out is by running events.  This involves simply posting on the forums a time you want to see multiple people online ahead of time and having some sort of plan for what you want to accomplish.  This could be playing at a certain battle rating in War Thunder, playing strongholds in WoT, or helping new players gain new ships in WoWS.  These will encourage people to stick around and also gives you (the organizer) people to play with.

Seeding Voice Channels
Seeding is the easiest thing you can do to help the community grow.  All it involves is sitting in a voice server when no one else is online in order to encourage others to join you.  This is particularly important when new players join Discord and everyone is just "online" but not in a voice channel.  Trust me, that doesn't give them much hope or reason to want to join.  Just keep in mind that sitting in a voice channel with a deafened headset will result in being moved by the AFK checker or a mod.

Doing any of these steps will help us grow and thrive as a community.  If you want more information as to how you can help your particular division, please contact a division officer or a member of mod staff.


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