Battle of Tukayyid After Action Reports

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Battle of Tukayyid After Action Reports

Post by Firecrafter on Fri May 01, 2015 4:09 am

Well gents, we fought hard, but in the end the clans were able best us in our campaign to keep Tukayyid.  Now, so we can be more prepared for next time, please feel free to leave your comments for the battle so we can figure out how we can make more of an impact for the next event like this one (please avoid calling out anyone besides yourself in your notes).

Here are my notes for the event:

  • Having more members would have surely helped (something we can't beat ourselves up too much for due to our time in game)
  • Our coalition with ORMC was a great call, I felt that those who played with them learned a lot, we will likely seek a dimilar partnership in future events
  • We struggled greatly at legging 'mechs, which led to many hostile pushes getting through.
  • I need to gain more experience in the LCAF so I can start taking company/lance command.
  • LCAF is a great community and we are getting a bit of notice as a result of this event.
  • We definitely did not come with a plan for dropships/builds, it wasn't until after the weekend that we starting to figure out builds/dropships

All in all, I think we did the best we could despite our size and inexperience in the game.  Next time will go much smoother and hopefully, we can help lead House Steiner and the Inner Sphere to victory!

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