MWO Divison Recruiting Guidelines

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MWO Divison Recruiting Guidelines

Post by Firecrafter on Thu May 14, 2015 5:06 pm

So, due to MWO's very small playerbase recruiting is being handled in a very different fashion than our other games:

  • We have static recruitment post on MechWarrior's forum, NGNG's forum, and on LCAF.  These post should stay on the 1st page as much as possible, but it is not expected that we will get many people from it.
  • There is the merc hiring hall post here.  Members are encouraged to view this post and PM possible recruits whenever they can.  This is where we expect to get the most members.
  • Finally, members can watch for mercs who come onto the LCAF TS and playing in the open drop channels with them.

Any new members should be brought to the attention of me, Scott, or Blitz.  Please also note that new member are allowed to join the MWO unit as trainees, they just stay at the entry rank until passing the trainee period.

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