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Scott1117's Leaving Empty Scott1117's Leaving

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 30, 2016 6:52 pm


After a quick discussion, we have decided to let you guys know what the deal was with scott1117.  If you haven’t noticed, he is no longer a member on the forum or of any of our divisions.  I hope this post will inform all of you about the situation and answer any questions you might have.

This all started back around a month and a half ago.  Scott had recently come back to playing Naval Action on a regular basis.  About two weeks later he made a comment to me about the fact that he had joined another group in said game (which is not an immediate violation of rule 6) and had told a few other members as well.  Following that information, many users and the mod team started noting that he was no longer showing up regularly on the forums or Teamspeak.  After 2 weeks of him only being on the forums biweekly and the Teamspeak server on the weekends, I confronted him about his inactivity.  He responded by telling me that we should contact him if we need him (which is not how moderation in this community works).  I let the situation go for another 2 weeks, during which nothing changed, and finally sent him a PM telling him to either fix his activity, file an absence report, or step down as a moderator.

At this point we were hoping to receive something back from him, but after 48 hours, we had not.  Hendrik and I convened and decided the best course of action was to remove Scott from his role as a moderator.  Within 6 hours of him receiving the PM from me informing him of the change, I received the following email from the forums:
Scott1117's Leaving 0bd4fe2361b8d6bec9939e8a227a0b63
Thus leading to use being where we are now.  I hope this post clears up the situation and answers most of the questions you might have had.


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