MWO Newbie Night #1

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MWO Newbie Night #1

Post by Firecrafter on Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:38 am

At ease MechWarriors and MechWarrior Recuits!

On Wednesday 12 August starting at 2000 GMT, the Phantoms MWO Division will be offering a night of gaming dedicated to introducing any new players to MWO.  Why this Wednesday you ask? Well, a few things have been changing in the game, making it much more accessible to new players, such as:

  • Updated Mechlab GUI
  • Updated 'Mech selection GUI
  • Community designed trial 'Mech builds
  • European and Oceanic Servers
  • Phantoms that actually know what they are talking about!*

So, if you haven't had the chance to try MWO, this is a perfect time!  Or, if you have tried and think it's time to give the game a second chance, stop on by.

We will be offering the following during the event:

  • Competent* teammates.
  • Good direction as to what 'Mechs to buy.
  • Info on what good builds look like.
  • Bitching Betty's startup sequence.
  • Enjoyable tactical comms in-game.
  • House Steiner pride!
  • Blitz's weird reaction to certain past in-game events!

So again, if you want to download and join us for a night of 'Mech chaos, go to, create an account, and download before the 12th of August!

See you on the battlefield!

*Intelligence of other members not guaranteed.

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Re: MWO Newbie Night #1

Post by Blitz on Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:39 am

Never forget.

- The next Chris Hansen -

War changes you. Never forget, 06.06.3052.
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