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Post by Admin on Sat Dec 05, 2015 9:30 pm

Hey gents,

We seem to be running into an issue with players still not logging into the forum and/or Teamspeak regularly.  Now, to some this may not seem like a large issue, but it does lead to us not having accurate numbers for players, goes against our mature player image, and causes unnecessary work for the mod team.  Those who have been spotted going over 7 days on the forum/TS have likely gotten either an email or Steam message from me telling them to log in.  Due to this getting extremely exhausting for both me and my mod team, effective immediately, we will be only sending out warnings twice for a user.  After that, it tends to be that the mod team is making you stay as a member compared to you wanting to be a member and your account will simply fall inactive once the threshold has been passed (which leads to removal from divisions and a probationary period being required to regain member status).  Again, if you can't either meet our standards or are gone for a shorter (up to 2 weeks) period of time, talk to a mod or post in absence reporting respectively.


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