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Discord #shitposting guidelines Empty Discord #shitposting guidelines

Post by Hardin4188 on Sat Mar 26, 2016 4:41 pm

Hello everyone I'm happy to say that since the switch to Discord #shitposting has been the most popular channel by far. It is a place to chill, to unwind and to post your dankest of dank memes. Having said that I wanted to remind everyone of our code of conduct and in this post I am going to further define guidelines for shitposting.

 When shitposting you may post suggestive themes and swearing (it is after all called shitposting); however, we do not allow any nudity, sex or extreme gore. Essentially anything not safe for work is not appropriate. What is not safe for work? Well it is anything that your boss and or parents would not approve of.

The easiest way to violate these guidelines is by misusing the PhantomBot. If you tell it to search for "fuck her right in the pussy" the bot will probably show something not safe for work. If you have difficulty with the English language and are uncertain about which keywords to avoid then please refer to http://www.dictionary.com/, http://www.thesaurus.com/, and http://www.urbandictionary.com/. A proper understanding of language will improve the quality of shitposting for everyone. For example you may run a search with the bot using keywords such as cat, or kitten. Do not use a word like pussy. Let me be clear; the search cat = good,  the search term pussy = bad.

If you are still uncertain about what is or is not appropriate then first refer to this post and again our code of conduct. After reviewing the code of conduct please ask a moderator or Firecrafter if this is appropriate. If they approve then you may post. Continued violations in shitposting will result in your disqualification of the bot commands. Thank for your patience and understanding in these dark times.

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Discord #shitposting guidelines Empty Re: Discord #shitposting guidelines

Post by dancinghotdog on Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:52 am

For Clarification:

dictionary.com - search a word, find all the meanings

thesaurus.com - search a word, find all related words

urbandictionary.com - search a word, find retarded community definitions of every piece of slang that could ever exist, especially the nsfw ones

You're welcome.

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